New Game! Realms - by M.C Games


M.C Games is proud to announce the release of Realms, and even better, it is 100% free.

As the world of powered individuals expands, will you stay human and live a normal life, or delve into the realms of divinity?

Realms is a 170,000 word fantasy by M.C Games that is text-based with images and even music! It also contains an autosave feature that stores your progress on the server so you don’t have to worry about losing connection or accidentally closing it!

In this modern-mythological epic, you play as Tom Reeves, a man who wants nothing more than to live a normal life, but finds himself pulled into the world of Gods and Champions. Tom has been chosen by Odin the Allfather, King of Asgard, and chief deity of the Norse Gods. As his representative on the mortal plane, Tom must navigate divine politics, a complicated love life, and the constant pestering of a God.

• Play as a preset straight male.

• Tell a God to f*ck off.

• Get smack talked by a bird.

• Try to maintain a sense of normalcy.

• Uncover a dark secret.

• Romance a fellow champion (or even a Goddess).

Because the games are free, M.C depends entirely on the support of his Patreons. If you like his work, feel free to show your support! If you’re looking for more games to binge, head on over to the Discord where you can find more games and WiPs.


Very interesting. I’d love to know how you disabled the Settings button from “standard” CS.


I’m gonna give it a view.

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You’ll have to ask the author about that one. Head over to the discord and I’m sure he’d be happy to talk about that.

That discord invite is expired - at least for me.

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I just changed it an hour or two ago. It should work. It works for me.

@HanonO I can DM you one if it still doesn’t work for you.

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