New game: Mainframe

(Well, new, it came out late November)

Mainframe is a horror game by Liz England & me, developed for Procjam 2015. It’s about a spaceship and its mainframe and something is wrong and it needs help.

You can play it in the browser here:

The page is here:

I’ve blogged about the development on my blog, which is here:

It (now) uses the Choba IF engine, which I mentioned on another board, here: [url]]

Hi Jurie,

Great to see you here!

I clicked on the browser link and I got a deep red screen with black strands going across it, but I couldn’t click anywhere or seemingly do anything. Have I already failed the first puzzle, or is something wrong. (If the former, go ahead and reply to me privately so as not to spoil things for others).


The web site needs Javascript to function.