New game: "Draculaland" (4th place in #rvexpo)

Announcing “Draculaland”, a game using a new javascript engine, designed to give the feel of a parser game using a mobile-friendly click/touch interface. It’s placed 4th (of 14) in Ryan Veeder’s Exposition.

The game is a loose adaptation of “Dracula”, faithfully reimagining several characters and ignoring most of the original plot.

Play online:
or download as a zip and open “index.html”:
or download as a Windows 7/8/10 executable (4 MB):

I’m planning to release it as apps for Android and iOS as soon as I find out how to do that.

IFDB page:

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EDIT 15 March, 7pm GMT: fixed a bug where the final villain was not as dangerous as I intended (and more annoying.)

Once you get the holy water and drive off the magpie the first time, what can you do? I’m at 18% and stuck.

I solved that one!

The magpie is described as taking the keys with “pinpoint coordination.”

You need it to be less coordinated.

What do you have, or can you get, that might accomplish this?


Empty your glass (you can drink it), head to the tavern and get a new glass of beer, and return to the nest. There should be a “give” button next to the glass of beer. Give the beer to the magpie and it won’t be able to take the keys from you again.

Perfect! Now I can’t get past the fly trap, even if I bring it flies. I flushed my hand in the bathroom but can’t get it back. I can’t get mine past the villagers and don’t know if anything is in the chest except the flies. Also, the librarian won’t accept my cards as a card. Do you know how to get past any of these?

Yeah, those are largely a big linear sequence of unlocks. Or maybe two sequences that branch off from one puzzle that you can deal with now.

The flytrap is the one you can deal with first.

…have you noticed that Mina gives hints when you ask her about something in the presence of a puzzle? Just start a conversation with her and see if she has a new topic.

Anyway, the chest only has flies in it. And you’re correct that you need to get them to the flytrap… but they’re too lively right now.

You need to attract the flies and then do something to mess with them before you can get them to the flytrap.

Is there a part of the castle you can reach that doesn’t seem to have anything useful in it?

(I’m assuming that you managed to get a light source, but if not, light the candelabrum off the bunsen burner.

Full solution:

Open the chest to get the flies and then go to the dusty storeroom and attic. The flies will get stuck in the cobweb and then you can take them to the flytrap.

What that gets you:

You’ll be able to take the garlic and move past the flytrap, which is where you can find your hand. (Minor quibble: I think it’d have been good to try to communicate that that was what was behind the flytrap.) You probably know what to do with the hand… this will let you get a couple of things that help you deal with other stuff.

Some farther down the line spoilers:

In particular, to deal with the librarian you’ll need a local library card… which can be found if you can invade a local citizen’s room. There’s one local citizen whose room you could access, if you can get him out of the way. But in order to do that, you’ll need something you can get from the sequence of puzzles we were just talking about…

I’ve added a hints page at … hints.html

The most well written text adventure I’ve seen in years. Good work.