New featured article for ifwiki

I’ve tried my hand at drafting a new featured article for the ifwiki homepage that’s a little more up to date. Still a work in progress. Any important things I’ve overlooked or systems I’m mischaracterizing?

If people are generally liking this general direction, I can incorporate suggestions, clean this up (needs more of a conclusion) and send it to someone with admin access to the ifwiki homepage. (Is that just David Welbourn, or are other people in that camp too?)

Diggin’ it. :mrgreen:

(Oh and also, if I left you or your favorite new thing off the list, it’s probably because I forgot about it, not because I hate you.)

Great write-up. I was wondering why the front page has been featuring a 3-year-old piece.

A suggestion: you probably want to link to [[TADS 3]] instead of [[TADS]] page when mentioning the networking features.


Thank you for your work!

There’s a list of IFWiki admins, but you don’t actually need an admin to edit the featured article: just create a Template page (similar to Template:Outreach 2010, but with your own text), then edit Template:Feature article and replace “{{Outreach 2010}}” with “{{}}”.


I say post that on the wiki straight away and let people add to it later if needed. (That is the point of a wiki, no?)


Anyone want to help fill in some of those red links? :wink: