New Extension: Table-Controlled Messages

Available at my pastebin here:

This is a simple extension which provides functionality similar to List Control by Eric Eve, but without the need to manually specify a Table of Table Styles (or create control objects like List Controller). There is a similar table, but it is managed automatically.

Usage: You create a table with a message column, and then call “Print the next message in (table name)” with one of four options (stopping, cycling, randomly, or in shuffled order). The option used the first time you call the phrase for a given table sets the table type for the rest of the game.

The extension also includes simple “to say perform/@” phrases which will either carry out a phrase or execute a rule from within a printed text. (Taken from a set of Inform7 tricks by John Clemens) So message tables can execute arbitrary code as well as printing text.

Looks good. You may want to consider uploading it to the Inform 7 Extensions Website or GitHub.

Also, you may want to format the documentation example like so (including tabs).

[spoiler][code]Example: * A Simple Example - Test demonstrating the extension behaviour.


Include Table-Controlled Messages by Shadow Wolf.

Testing is a room. 

Table of Jumping Messages
"You jump, but nothing happens."
"You jump, and get a little dizzy."
"You jump, but fail to set a new world record."
"You jump, and a genie appears. Sadly, it disappears before you can do anything."

Instead of jumping: print the next message in the Table of Jumping Messages, in shuffled order; say "[paragraph break]".[/code][/spoiler]

This way the example shows up in the Inform 7 IDE in the same way the documentation examples do.

Hope this helps.

Right, forgot to use the correct syntax for the example.

I’ve been updating my extensions too frequently for the official extension site (which only seems to post extensions about every six months). And I can’t use Github.

When did you submit your extension? I don’t see anything from you in my submissions inbox.

Mark, I have not submitted any extensions to the official site. I have been updating the extensions too frequently.

OK, thanks. Glad I didn’t miss it.