New extension: Layered Garments

Some of you may be aware that I’ve written Inform7 extensions for AIF, including one for clothing. This is NOT that kind of extension :slight_smile:

This is a non-adulty extension for layered clothing. It started out as the example “What Not To Wear” from the Inform Recipe Book, with some minor bugfixes. However, fixing some of the other problems from the example required building a somewhat more complex model. I’ve tried to design it so that, from the author’s perspective, it is as simple to use as the original “What Not to Wear”, unless the author wants to add additional body parts or kinds of clothing. I’ve also tried to ensure that extending it to new body parts and kinds of clothing is not too difficult.

I’m finally happy enough with the code that I’m ready for a public release (although one version or another has been on my pastebin for some time).

The extension is on my pastebin here:

It could still use a couple of good, complete examples - it’s not quite ready for the official repository. Feedback and suggestions are definitely appreciated. (Edit: And bug reports, of course!)

Hey, I’m def checking this out!

That sounds massively helpful. Thanks!

It looks pretty good! A small suggestion about this bit of code.

[code]Instead of looking under a garment which is worn by the player (this is the peeking at underwear rule):
if a worn garment-element (called the underwear) underlies a garment-element which is a portion of the noun, say “You peek at [the underwear]. Yup, still there.”;
otherwise say “Just you in there.”

Instead of taking inventory (this is the visible garments inventory rule):
say “You’re carrying [a list of things carried by the player][if the player wears something]. You are wearing [a list of unconcealed garment-elements worn by the player][end if].”[/code]

These will only apply to the player and not any actor. Unless this is deliberate, you may want to tweak them so they apply to any character rather than just the player.

Hope this helps.

Yes, it’s deliberate - looking at someone else’s underwear is normally pretty rude :slight_smile:

(And for the inventory rule, Inform normally only allows the player to take inventory - an NPC taking inventory produces only “X looks through his possessions.”)

Surely such morality should be determined by the developer of the game?

There’s certainly nothing preventing the game author from adding rules to look at someone else’s underwear, or from adding code to handle a variety of other “adult” situations. This is intended to be an extension for general audiences; it’s better to allow authors to add code for more mature situations than to force them to hack the extension to remove code.

(I certainly have nothing against adult games or extensions - I am actually the moderator of a yahoo group dedicated to writing adult extensions for Inform 7, though the group hasn’t been active in a few years).

Oh, I know you are, made the very occasional post to those groups. Just curious to know why you felt the need to do it this way.

I can certainly understand why, if it had to be one or the other, non-adult would be the most suitable for general use and release. [jovial sarcasm]Wouldn’t want any kids getting hold of an Inform 7 extension where they can make a text game about looking at people’s underwear![/jovial sarcasm] But surely two extensions, one adult and one non-adult, would be the best solution?

As I said, it’s easy enough to add behavior on top of this extension, and I think that’s a better solution than two completely separate extensions. I’m currently writing/planning at least four extensions that will add additional adult behavior on top of Layered Garments, in a modular fashion (the extensions will work together or separately). Those will be announced on the AIF lists when they’re ready.

Fair enough. Does AIF have a forum? There doesn’t seem to be much discussion here.

The primary discussion group is