New E-Book: Teaching and Learning With Interactive Fiction

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I’m writing to offer you a copy of my new ebook, Teaching and Learning With Interactive Fiction. It’s free of charge at

The book is based on a recently-updated version of the website of the same name. I’d be most interested in any comment you may want to offer. Here’s the Table of Contents, sans page numbers.

Table of Contents

Teaching With Interactive Fiction
(Mainly for Adults)

Chapter 1 – What is Interactive Fiction?
Chapter 2 – The Pain and Promise of the Parser
Chapter 3 – Interactive Fiction and Critical Thinking
Chapter 4 – Interactive Fiction and the Reading Process
Chapter 5 – Building Fluency with Interactive Fiction
Chapter 6 – Creating Interactive Fiction with Adrift
Chapter 7 – Creating Interactive Fiction with Quest on the Web
Chapter 8 – Inform 7 and the Writing Process
Chapter 9 – Why Inform 7?
Chapter 10 – The Writer’s Self in Interactive Fiction
Chapter 11 – Recommended Works of Interactive Fiction
Chapter 12 – An Interactive Classic from the Commercial Era:
Arthur, the Quest for Excalibur
Chapter 13 – An Interactive Classic from the Modern Era: The Firebird
Chapter 14 – An Interactive Fiction Competition Winner : Winter Wonderland
Chapter 15 – An Interactive Tragedy: Photopia
Chapter 16 – An Interactive Fiction About Middle School Students:
The Enterprise Incidents
Chapter 17 – Acquiring Interactive Fiction

Fun and Learning With Interactive Fiction
(Mostly for Kids)

Chapter 18 – What is IF?
Chapter 19 – Why Kids Like Interactive Fiction
Chapter 20 – Top IF Stories for Kids
Chapter 21 – A Classic Interactive Fiction: Arthur: the Quest for Excalibur
Chapter 22 – A Funny Tale of Adventure: The Firebird
Chapter 23 – A Middle-School Story: The Enterprise Incidents
Chapter 24 – IF at Its Comic Best: Lost Pig and Place Under Ground
Chapter 25 – Writing Interactive Fiction With Adrift
Chapter 26 – Writing Interactive Fiction With Quest on the Web
Chapter 27 – Writing Interactive Fiction With Inform 7
Chapter 28 – Getting Interactive Fiction
Notes and References

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Brendan Desilets

Cool, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll have a read of that.

You should update the references to Secret Letter and Shadow to their landing pages.

David C

Hi, All,

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Thanks for your suggestion, David C. I’ve implemented it.

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Book looks promising! I’ll have a good read at it! :slight_smile: