New collection of newish text adventures for the C64

I have created a collection of text adventures for the Commodore 64. It consists of 31 Z-code games, originally released between 1993 and 2015. I call it The Post Infocom Text Adventure Collection.

I invite you to try it out if you like, and let me know what you think.

The collection can be found at



mhm… reading your list, and the issues listed in here, I can suggest re-doing your collection targeting the Commodore 128 ? (2 Mhz CPU, 128+ K RAM, 80-column screen…)

Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I will.

To me, it’s really not very important that a lot of games can’t be adapted to the C64. I’m just glad that quite a few games can be adapted. And of course, I’m glad to see that this collection of games has sparked quite a lot of interest - a lot more than I expected.

That said, a collection for the C128 would be nice in itself.

Hm, I realize now that I need to diplay the list of included games in a more obvious manner than the list of non-included games. Several people have remarked on the list of games that weren’t included, while no one has made any remarks whatsoever about any of the games included. This has indeed puzzled me, but it’s not very strange when you think about it. Web site update coming up!

Has anybody tried playing these on a raspberry pi running retropie?

Great work, Fredrik.

I created a couple of games for the C64 in the early-mid 90s using Inform and the INF2D64 tool.

Now I would like to get them working with Zeugma (here).