New book: "Cat's Paw"

A couple of years ago, I posted here asking for help with pre-ordering copies of my first book, “A Gentleman’s Murder” – or as it was called then, “Murder at the Veterans’ Club”. Thanks to everyone’s support, that book finally got itself published in July, and since then has been doing pretty well: awesome reviews, and even an option for development into a TV series. So, thank you, all, for that.

But now I’ve got a second book taking pre-orders: “Cat’s Paw”, a somewhat darker tale that I describe as “Agatha Christie’s ‘Ordeal By Innocence’ meets H.G. Wells’s ‘The Island of Doctor Moreau’”. Yes, just a slight touch of horror going on there.

Now, as then, publication depends on the strength of pre-orders, and I’m applying to the IF community to consider pitching in.

  • Every person who pre-orders counts, whether the pre-order is for an ebook or a print book or for ten print books.
  • I have up to 21 November 2018 (two months!) to get as many pre-orders as I can. [EDIT: Extended to 14 December 2018.]
  • This is part of a contest, so I need to maintain a top-three position with respect to number of people pre-ordering. As of this writing, most contestants haven’t quite begun pre-orders yet, so the leader board might be a bit deceptive: who knows how they’re all going to fare when they get started.

This is my “prove you’re not just a flash in the pan” book, and I need your help for it. The pre-order website is here:

Thanks. Here’s wishing everyone a good breakfast.

(P.S. Looks like my best competition is Z.Z. Traver, who is actually also a member of the IF community under a nom de plume. Might consider giving him some support as well.)

  • Christopher “Miseri” Huang

I guess I should say something about the story, shouldn’t I?

“It’s 1921, and Roger Linwood returns to his backwater hometown for the funeral of his adoptive father, Sir Lawrence Linwood, only to learn that Sir Lawrence had been brutally murdered. A clause in Sir Lawrence’s will offers the whole estate to whichever of his three adopted children can first identify his killer. As the evidence mounts, Roger finds he must either sacrifice one of the three people he loves most in the world … or be hanged himself for the crime.”

It’s not a sequel to “A Gentleman’s Murder” – sorry to anyone expecting such. It’s a somewhat darker story, still a mystery but now with a touch of horror mixed in. I would describe it as “Agatha Christie’s ‘Ordeal By Innocence’ meets H. G. Wells’s ‘The Island of Doctor Moreau’”.

Come check it out.

If you haven’t read Chris’ first book “A Gentleman’s Murder” I encourage you to pick it up on Amazon or at your local bookseller. It’s a fantastic story, especially for those who like the Golden Age of mysteries from the 1920s and onward. He is an excellent writer. I’ve also ordered his new book.

My book, “Gumshoe Rules” is set in 1950 and is more of a noir detective story, in the style of Raymond Chandler, Ross MacDonald, Philip Kerr etc. It’s based on an IntroComp game I wrote called The Z-Machine Matter.


“Cat’s Paw” still needs all the backing it can get!