Neo Twiny Jam - Wrap Up

As promised here’s the little wrap up of the first edition of the Neo Twiny Jam!

First, @cchennnn and I want to thank everyone who submitted an entry to the Neo Twiny Jam! Thank you as well to everyone who played the games and left comments on those entries! Thank you to everyone who wrote reviews and shared the games with others! Thank you to everyone who shared the posts and the jam to others!

An extra special thank you to:

As announced, I have also matched my donation.

In total, we have raised $523.00- for Equality Florida.

You can find all confirmations here. All donors have included the processing fees in their donations.

Some more stats:

  • Out of 162 sign-ups, 101 participants submitted at least one entry.
  • From those 101 participants, 18 submitted at least two entries.
  • Of those 18, 5 managed to max out their submissions to 3!

2 entries were submitted after the official deadline. 1 user removed their entries during the submission period. 6 entries were disqualified and removed for going against the rules (spam).

As for use of programs, most users chose Twine (107 entries), especially SugarCube (63 entries). Below is the breakdown of format use:

  • Twine - SugarCube: 63
  • Twine - Harlowe: 34
  • Twine - Chapbook: 8
  • Ink: 6
  • Bitsy: 2
  • ChoiceScript: 2
  • FRISE: 2
  • Binksi: 1
  • Dendry: 1
  • Twine - Snowman: 1
  • Twine - Trialogue: 1
  • Squiffy: 1
  • Texture: 1
  • Custom - Unknown: 1

Autumn and I have greatly enjoyed bringing this jam back to life, and will try to make it happen next year!


this was really fun! I’d love to have a repeat performance, or at least one that happens sooner than 2030


Autumn and I are trying to bring back other old jams with different constraints, for funsies :stuck_out_tongue:
But if you want to try another 500-word jam, there’s always the Partim500 (in French) happening in December :wink: (they also have a theme)


Fun jam! I plan on playing and reviewing them all. It’ll be interesting to see the other jams…


Thanks for organizing this! I think I mentioned elsewhere I meant to participate in the first Twiny Jam but did not. So 8 years was a long time to wait. But it was worth it–I was able to throw out stuff that’d gone in and out of my mind for a bit.

I’d love to see Neo Neo Twiny Jam next year, especially for all those people who maybe weren’t able to push an idea through, or those who maybe will come up with an idea on July 6th or whenever.