Neo-Interactives Webring

Announcing the Neo-Interactives Webring!

The Neo-Interactives webring is now live! :tada:

The Neo-Interactive mission to connect IF creators and players with info, ideas, and fun events continues: now you can sport a shiny virtual badge on your website and join a chain of other sites about interactive fiction.

Webrings were a popular way to find people and communities interested in the same things back on Web 1.0—and like many of our jams inspired by previous IF community events, the Neo-Interactives wants to revive them!

The Neo-Interactives webring is open to interactive fiction creators and fans who want to display their connection to the Neo-Interactives online.

How do I join?

To join the webring, we need some info:

  • a unique slug: a descriptive text to identify you in the webring. Must be one word in the Latin Alphabet (a-z, A-Z)
  • your webpage’s name
  • your webpage’s URL

You can send the info a few different ways: through a pull request on Github, email us (neointeractives [at] gmail [dot] com), or contact one of the mods @cchennnn, @LapinLunaireGames, @manonamora, @sophia) here, on tumblr, or on Discord.

Once you’re registered on the member list, you can add your webring links to your site. Check out our Neo-Interactive member badges and instructions on how to add your links here, plus some example widgets you can put on your own site.

If you have any questions, please reach out! Here’s to happy web-surfing!


Wait! I thought Team Neo-Interactives only had four members?

Anyway, could I even sign up as the next member of the team? Thank you.


The Organising Team/Overladies is just four of us (Autumn, Jinx, Sophia and me).
It’s different to the webring, which is just a way to connect IF peeps and their website :slight_smile:


I like that. The Overladies™️.


The pull request isn’t approved yet.

This is such a cool initiative, thank you for sharing!!

A little anecdote because I had similar questions as Noah at first…

I checked out the Neo-Interactives website to understand who’s in the “club” and make sure it would be okay for me to try to join the webring. But the layout didn’t like my phone’s vertical orientation, so the first thing I read was this:

a hub by Manon,
for Jinx, Sophia, and Autumn,


I mean, the reply letting you know to use a pull request is barely 3 hours old, assuming your request isn’t any older, I’m sure they’ll get around to it? I’m pretty sure they all work or go to school full time, so a bit of a delay shouldn’t be too surprising, no?


The list of peeps in the webring is here:

Will be fixing it ASAP (Tumblr themes can be a bit finicky)
And the webring link will be appearing there when I’m done fixing it.

Probably because we didn’t get to it yet.
You’ll get a notification from Github when we’ve pulled the lever.


Oh, neat! I honestly just thought it was really funny, haha (the confusion didn’t last long). I didn’t know if it was something fixable; it’s cool that you know how to do it!

Thanks for the list of peeps! It’s awesome to see that web come to life and I’m really excited to become part of it :star_struck: