Nein! No newyears comp!

So, this is my fault entirely. I forgot to announce the comp ahead of time, because I (dumb-ass that I am), thought the comp was supposed to be announced around the Christmas season, not at the tail end of November. and honestly, who has 10 days to create a game around this time of the year?
My apologies to Marius and all the would-be contestants. Next year, if I don’t screw it up again, we’ll have a proper new-years comp worthy of baby

You could always do a “WinterComp” or “The Comp Formerly Known As New Year’s Comp” in January and February. That would actually be a nice timeslot for anyone who didn’t finish up for IFComp and doesn’t want to wait till next Fall.

Or just call it “New Year’s Comp” - being held as the first comp of the new year!

Those are perfectly cromulent ideas.

Tuesday, February 5
Chinese New Year 2019

definitively not my field :wink: but I notice that there’s a definite gap between speed IF comps and the others.

let’s try to do a “semi-speed IF comp”. the remaining week between here and 12/31/2018 ought to close that gap.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

So does anyone else have anything they want to send in/organize? I already have a semi-speed game set up. I suppose it could go in the Spring Thing back garden, but it feels more like a new year’s comp game.

I also was planning to make something. How about a January Jubilee speed with deadline in mid-January?