Needing Beta testers for Escape the Room type game.

Finished a rough draft on my first IF game through the ADRIFT engine, a room escape game. It’s fairly simplistic, but previous showings suggested I go for some beta testers here. I need feedback on bugs, blatant programming flubs, or grammar, or suggestion on logic or puzzles. The premise it’self is campy, true, but it’s mainly geared towards a soft PG-bondage crowd (so I will say this is an Adult oriented game, but only in the softest sense) .

If you up to giving me feedback, please contact me.

I’ll try. I’ve only played a few IF games before, but I’m interested in playing more. I like puzzles, so that might be fun. And very willing to give you feedback and suggestions with a full playthrough document, showing all my moves and such.

Thanks, but still trying to find a service that won’t freak out at .exe files…

Zipping up the .exe is usually effective.