Need some WordPress help

For the second time in a row, the entirety of my IFcomp review is listed in full all over Planet IF. WordPress has a box for blurbs or whatever, which I used on the first review, but it didn’t stop the review with a READ MORE link or whatever despite the WordPress documentation promising this. So Ben C told me to use a tag, so I did this time, and it gives the READ MORE on our site, but still, the whole thing is all over Planet IF.

Anyone know how to get WordPress to stop doing that??? This seems broken.

At least for me you have to use the both the excerpt field and the tag. The excerpt field is shown in RSS feeds, search results and some other places and defines where the front page summary is cut.

Sorry Ron - it looks like Juhana is right and the excerpt field is also needed.

It used to be the case that Wordpress truncated RSS entries based on the more tag, but apparently they “fixed” this a while back. :blush:

OK, thanks guys. I considered that this might be the case, but I thought it better to ask rather than testing theories on a whole series of comp games.

My sincere apologies to those two authors, and any players caught unaware.

I had this problem too. This plugin adds the functionality you’re looking for, and automatically truncates feeds when you’ve used the “read more” tag, adding a link to the rest of the post just like on your index page. You don’t have to bother with excerpts. It allows you to add other things to your feed, too, but I don’t use that part.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve installed the plugin, so it should work now with just the tag, and no need for a manual excerpt. Third time’s the charm, right?

Hey it works. The More tag by itself is now all that’s needed. Thanks Ben, Rhian, everyone! I’m now allowed to review comp games again.

This is going to be great once I leave the dreadfull Weebly service :neutral_face: