Need some help with link colors in twine

Twine Version: 2.6.2
I added some CSS to my twine game, but when testing I saw that links I had already clicked turned blue? I know its like a default, (ex. when you click a link in google and hit the back button, the link turns purple) but is there a way to fix it so it stays the color i told it to be?

What Twine format are you using? The selector for the CSS is slightly different depending on that.
If you’re in Harlowe, this Greyelf comment from Twinery is helpful.


Almost certainly, Harlowe, yeah: SugarCube doesn’t highlight visited links by default.

Also G.C. Baccaris’s Twine Grimoire is a nice resource for this kind of stuff: link styling is in volume 1.


Just to make mention of the lesser known :active parameter. To see it in action, click and hold down the mouse button while over a link. While still holding down the button, move the cursor off the link and back on.

I mention this because I noticed a reddish colour being drawn on the link in Harlowe when doing the above mouse action. You can stack parameters in CSS, like :hover:active. If you are a stickler for rules, the proper order goes: :link: visited: hover: active. Just FYI. Not trying to confuse the situation. Carry on! Nothing to see here! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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