Need iOS ePub reader for "First Draft of the Revolution"

I thought Kobo could handle “First Draft of the Revolution”, but it can’t. Not on an iPod Touch, anyway, maybe not in any platform, since FDotR is so unlike a regular eBook.

Does anyone know of a (preferably free) ePub reader one could use to read FDotR in an iOS device? An iPod Touch, specifically?

Apple’s own ePub app iBooks will read it fine. If you don’t have it in your iOS device already download the app from the App Store (it’s free), before downloading the ePub and opening it in the app.

On the downside the game text is a bit teeny weeny on an iPod touch screen. Easier to read on an iPad.

I’m used to text size issues, but does that mean iBooks doesn’t allow you to size up-down by pinching and drag-to-pan like Kobo? That’d be a pity.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the tip! Checking it out!

EDIT - No, no problems at all, it works beautifully. For reading actual books I’m certainly sticking to Kobo, has my favourite font and I’ve gotten used to it, but for complex ePubs like IF, its simplicity works a charm. Thank you very much!