Need help

I’m trying to build my first IF, and I’ve gotten pretty far just following the manual. I’m stuck now.

I just knocked out my player, and I want to have him wake up strapped to an operating table. I’ve moved the player to the Lab, but I can’t figure out how to tell the game that he is lying down on the operating table.



One thing to check out might be Emily Short’s extension “Postures”: … index.html

For a more bare-bones solution, check out example 299 in the documentation, “Lies.”

P.S. I’m assuming you’re using Inform 7, because a lot of new members of the forum are. However, the appropriate place for Inform-specific questions is in the “Inform 6 and 7 Development” subforum. If I guessed wrong and you’re using TADS, there’s a “TADS 2 and 3 Development” subforum as well. It also helps the right people see your question if you put the version number in your post title, like “Inform 7: Lying down?” or just “I7: Lying down?”

You can usually fake it by just putting the player on the table (assuming I7: “now the player is on the operating table”) and mentioning in the descriptions that they are lying down.

Postures is a big help. Thank you. I also neglected to mention that the operating tale is in the lab, so I guess that was a rookie mistake. I can move on now!