Need help with using conditional logic in Inklewriter


I am trying to learn Inklewriter, and having a really hard time with the conditional logic functionality. There is only one entry about conditional logics on Inkle blog from 2012 that provides an example of the Sherlock Holmes story, as far as I know. I would really appreciate if an Inklewriter expert (or Jon Ingold?) could provide more examples on how to use the conditional functionality. I even find the 2012 blogpost on Inkle not very clear, particular the first example where they use the marker ‘stood up’. I am obviously not a programmer and would really appreciate if more examples of usage of conditionals could be shown for people like me.

Thanks and regards,


There’s a demo in the inklewriter tutorial, if you dig in a bit – select the tutorial tab in the upper left menu, then select “I just want to choose a tutorial,” “Choose a tutorial,” and “Tell me about markers…”.

If you’ve been through that and still don’t quite follow, I can try to explain more.

Thanks for your message Emily. I have been through that but let me go through it again a few more times! I may pester you again in case that did not work.