Need help with screen formatting

Hi all,

So begins the long slog. I’m beginning my next game, and don’t even know where to begin. I want to play about with the screen. What I’d like to be able to do is have three windows. One with the parser text. A small one with an image in at the top right of the screen - that enables me to change the image dependant on a characters actions, and another window under it that I can inject some text into depending on the players actions. I’d also like to have a background image

I keep hearing about Vorple, but then I hear that it isn’t really ready for prime time yet? I still want to develop in I7. but I have no clue even where to begin looking. Can anyone give me some pointers in the right direction?

THank you!


You can use Flexible Windows, though I’m really uncertain what the most recent version is and where you’ll find it. You’ll be able to do most of what you want with it - create two other windows, one of them for the image and one of them for the secondary text window. You’ll have full control over what the windows display at each point.

Background image… I’m pretty sure that’s not possible at this stage. You could indeed use Vorple for that, or “Release along with [a web-based] interpreter” and do some CSS magic. Although you’ll probably be using Quixe rather than Parchment, and I have to say, Quixe plays so darned slowly in my system I never really bother…