Need help with Cryptozookeeper - Jackalope

i am new to this forum and i have been playing IF games since year 2010. i have not played the old (1980’s) original games yet but i started playing from competition games and most of the times i have solved the puzzles in this games without any hints or walkthrough

i really enjoyed playing Cryptozookeeper for quit some time now but since i encountered Jackalope i am unable to progress further in this game. i have tried everything that i can think of but still i am having difficulty finding the solution to this puzzle.

here’s my situation in the game, if this helps -
i am having in my inventory - vest, lip ring, glasses (somehow the camera disappears from my inventory as i meet with Jackalope)
third eye is telling me to open the door and enter the hall
when i try jumping on him it displays the message - now you’re ready for second grade

if someone would just give me a hint in the right direction or solution about how to go around this Jackalope thing then i would be very happy with it because i have spent a lot of hours on this very puzzle. also, it is very difficult to get any type of hint/walkthrough/solution for this game on the net.

thanks in advance

Hey there, sorry you got stuck.

If you perform a >look on the room you’re in, you’ll see the instructions on what to do next from your third eye.

this is exactly what i get when i try to look again -

Dark room

You’re alone, in a black, featureless fog, save for a anthropomorphic rabbit.

'William, you best open door and enter the hall!

The Jackalope is here.

though the third eye is telling me to open the door and enter the hall, i am unable to open the door as i cannot see any door due to darkness and fog. i think i am now stuck due to some bug or something in the game. please help me if you can :cry:

Ah, yes, this is because

the Jackalope is fucking with you. (And the game is fucking with you, too.) Keep doing the things that the third eye says, even when you get ‘you can’t do that’ -type responses.

somehow in my latest game these commands (commands which the third eye is telling to do) are not working maybe because i tried too many different types of commands, so i had to reload the previous game before i met with Jackalope and now the commands are working fine.

Ice Cream Jonsey and maga : thanks again for your help. now i can continue to enjoy the game :smiley:.