Need help setting up Gargoyle

So I usually use Frotz, and I love Frotz because it looks amazing and reads easy.

Today I took a chance and bought Plotkin’s Hadean Lands, and I really want to play, but I cannot configure the damn thing to a suitable degree. (Windows 8)

Yes I can edit the config file, yes I know hex color codes and all that.

My main problem is the fonts are not crisp. I want to use Consolas, plain and simple. I enter Consolas into the config, and I get an error. The fonts are still doing some weird scaling thing and are fuzzy. This is totally unplayable as it, I can’t stare at fuzzy text for more than a few minutes without a headache.

If someone could help me out, either by allowing me to use Consolas with Hadean Lands or, at the least, getting rid of the fuzzy text. i set the font for LuxiMonoRegular and size to 16. Still fuzzy. I know that most people wouldn’t notice this, but it really is too painful to proceed.

I just played through another Plotkin game, Shade, and I’m dying to play this one!

Does your machine have a high-resolution display? Gargoyle is known to be bad at that.

You can use Windows Glulxe, which has a different font rendering system.

Wow, not expecting to run into you in this topic; Zarf, thanks for the help, Gluxe is working beautifully.

Side note: Shade really was amazing. You probably have heard that a lot, but I just wanted to say “Thanks” for making an awesome game. I only came across it yesterday, actually, after reading Jeremy Douglass’s article “Enlightening Interactive Fiction: Andrew Plotkin’s Shade.” Well, I read some of it then stopped so I wouldn’t get spoiled.

Many things in the game are great, but I really enjoyed the beige computer. Yea, that’s a weird thing to enjoy, but I had that computer, you understand? One day I went to turn it on, and it didn’t. The only things it could run were DOS games and EDIT. Years later, I got a replacement/upgraded Windows 95 machine, which still runs, and it’s still beige. Mainly it gets used to play Ultima 1-5, Rogue, and little else.

Can’t wait to spend all night playing Hadean Lands, wish I knew about it during the kickstarter.

Thanks! Have fun.