Need help running "The Spiro Legacy" on a WinApe

I’m trying to play “The Spiro Legacy” by Ken Bond. It was published in 1991 for the Amstrad CPC. There are no files available on IFDB, but I found a ROM in the form of a .dsk disk image file on another website. I downloaded the recommended Amstrad emulator, WinApe 2.0b2, but can’t figure out how to make it work. If anyone has any experience with this and can tell me how to get it running I’d be grateful.

The original Amstrad Spiro Legacy was a CP/M game, written with the CP/M version of the PAW.

You need to load CPM first…


(Give me a sec and I’ll put together the full instructions)

EDIT: Just adding an extra note here to point out that The Spiro Legacy was a 128K game… so it required both a CPC6128 and CP/M+. You may need to adjust the machine you’re emulating to be a 6128, if it’s defaulting to a CPC464.

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File > Insert disk image

(choose the disk image with the game on, then click OPEN)

Type |CPM

(This is done by pressing shift and the [ key to get that first symbol)

(This will load up the CPM system… it should be on the disk with the game on, if you’re using the version that I was)


(will list the directory of the disk… It’s usually CAT in Amstrad CPC mode)


(will launch part 1 of the game, LEGACY2 will launch part 2)

(Spiro Legacy is quite helpful in that it does include a BASIC file that auto-loads CP/M for you and prompts you how to load the game… type RUN "LEGACY.BAS
but I’ve included full instructions here as they’re useful for other CP/M games)


As an aside, a ZX Spectrum port of the game is available, and Ken returned to the game to produce an expanded version for the Amiga.

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Worked like a charm! Thanks so much!