Need help finding beta testers

Hi all,

My real question is how do I find beta testers for a game I authored?

I am using inform7 so any information on how to “publish” so beta testers can leave comments inside transcript, or create any other features convenient for testers would be welcome.

My side question is this. I have been out of the IF world for 5 years. Glad to see it is still around. I have been dabbling in playing IF since Zork days. But I am a bit overwhelmed with all the tools, sites, archives available and I would love any pointers on best forums, best site for the latest in IF and best places to publish, etc.

I have only ever used inform7 to write. I have a number of small games. One is ready for beta testing and I am working on another medium-sized game now.

My plan is to publish after beta testing and hopefully write more games.


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