Need Beta Testers For "Headlights"

Hi everyone! I’m looking for testers for “Headlights” (to be submitted to the 2022 IFComp, so if you are going to be judging please wait until the competition) which is a < 30 min custom parser game.

It is my first interactive fiction game and its genre is mystery adventure.

Additionally, this is built using an updated version of the custom Perplexity engine (Perplexity, a natural language A.I. experience - Inductor, LLC). The latest engine has many enhancements including much-improved handling of classic IF shortcuts and should be faster too!

If you are interested I can send you a private link.


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Hi Jordan –

I’d be glad to take a look at Headlights! One caveat is that I’ve played a couple of earlier Perplexity Games – Kidney Kwest and Baby on Board – and found them a bit frustrating. But it sounds like there’ve been some upgrades, and I figure it’s more helpful for me to point out issues during testing than afterwards in a review. If that sounds good, just send me the link and let me know if there are particular things you want me to look out for or areas where you’re especially looking for feedback (also, I can’t remember whether, or how, Perplexity keeps player transcripts, so please let me know how to do that too).



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Hey Mike!

I’m so stoked to hear you’d like to beta test Headlights.
Here is my email:
Send me an email to that address and I’ll reply with the link to the game!