Need another character to enter into a vehicle w/ player

Okay so I’ve got a taxi driver, I’ve designed the roads to be “Rooms” and currently my problem is that upon entering a new road/room in the vehicle i can’t find a way to make another character within that road/room enter the vehicle. HELP!

A road is a kind of room. The printed name of a road is usually "On the wide, open road". The description is "A desolate wasteland stretching out to the horizon, bisected by the almighty Interstate. The engine of the Grant purrs like a recently-fed raccoon."

R1, R2, R3 are roads. R1 is east of R2. R2 is east of R3.

The President Grant is a vehicle.  The player is in the President Grant. The President Grant is in R1. Understand "car" as the President Grant.
Cooter is a man. Cooter is in R2. 
Before asking Cooter to try entering the President Grant: 
	say "You mash the brakes, and the President Grant screeches to a halt.
Popping the side door, you yell 'Hey, get in!' to Cooper.[paragraph break]";

A persuasion rule for asking Cooter to try entering the President Grant:
	persuasion succeeds.

After Cooter entering the President Grant, say "Cooter wastes no time boarding, and you tear away from the scene in a shower of gravel."

Test me with "w/Cooter, enter car/w"

This is a bare-bones example, but should do the trick.

This worked perfectly thanks! The only problem is that now i can’t get the other character to actually leave the vehicle when the player asks in the form of say “Cooter, exit car”

A persuasion rule for asking Cooter to try exiting: persuasion succeeds.

In general, when debugging actions, use the actions command:

This will tell you the general action (“exiting”) which you want Cooter to listen to. The way the “exiting” action is designed also includes a stored object, matched as “from”, so you could write this rule on the form of

A persuasion rule for asking Cooter to try exiting from the General Grant: persuasion succeeds.

if you need to put limits on Cooter’s willingness to follow orders.

thanks very much Bjorn, this is great! Last question (Honest!) , how would i make the character exit the vehicle automatically upon entering a new room/road?

I think:

After going when the location is a road and the player is in a vehicle and Cooter is in a vehicle: say "You arrive at the destination and your passenger hops out."; try cooter exiting.

Ah that works perfectly, thanks for your help!