need a hint for Niney [UPDATE: never mind]

Topic pretty much says it all. Where I am:

I’m in a dream by the side of the tracks, have been told I’ve done the right thing nine times and doing the wrong thing is impossible now.

I’ve tried

do the wrong thing

but it doesn’t work.

I’ve also tried

undoing into the last dream and doing the wrong thing there, so I could do the right thing the next time

but the game won’t let me do that.

And when I try

be niney

I get the message

what would niney do?

which, you know, I’ve already tried both the answers that are hinted.

Also tried

morph niney, morph wrong thing, morph me, relinquish me

but they all yield parser errors or “That noun did not make sense in this context.”

Also there’s a death timer so that after a few commands that get turned into actions the game ends.

Obviously the game thinks it has communicated something to me that I haven’t understood. Can anyone give me a hint?

The author responded to me at Emily Short’s blog (rather large spoiler below, though if you’re stuck in the same way as I was you might want to read it):

I wasn’t stuck; the ending I got after a few turns is the only ending there is.

Yeah, I was stuck the same way you were. Hmm.