Narrow website?

I looked at IFDB today and it has a narrow website with giant margins. At first I thought the mobile version was active by default by I can’t find any way to turn it off.

There is a news item about this on IFDB.

I think that a column is a nicer way to read text so I would like reviews to be formatted like this.

For pages which aren’t text-only e.g. the home page, game pages, I would prefer smaller margins so more content is available on my computer screen.

Do you mean the margins at the far left and right of the content? Looks like IFDB have set a single max width on all pages to make sure the design holds for readability and phones.

Nobody’s really solved the problem posed by current web design trends that say you have to cater for all of wide monitors, mobile phone screens (Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking) and readability of long content (i.e. keeping lines of text short.) The wide monitor look is usually the one that suffers, as it’s unlike the other two and hard to deal with in this context. The most common design advice is to stick the content in the middle and tolerate the empty sides. I say this as someone who just rebuilt seven websites and ended up doing the same thing with them.



How are you envisaging a column of text in a wide window, if not giant margins?

I interpreted heartless_zombie as saying they like the reviews like this (in narrow columns) as they now are. But that they’d like smaller margins on pages that already have columns and extra content; the home page, game home page etc.