NarraScope starts Thursday

Talks will be streamed:

Thursday is mostly workshops (not streamed, registration is full) but there will be two streamed talks:

  • Graham Nelson on Inform 7 progress;
  • Chris Klimas and Stuart Moulthrop on the Chapbook format for Twine.

Then on Friday is our keynote (Xalavier Nelson Jr) and a full day of streamed talks.

Oh, and the NarraScope game jam kicked off yesterday:


I know nothing about Twitch. I see Graham Nelson is speaking at 2am my time. Will I be able to see this later somehow? I guess I’m asking if these Twitch events remain on Twitch after the fact, or if they have to be manually redistributed later somehow by kind people?


I think Twitch keeps streams for only 14 days or 60 days, depending on the type of account. It would be good if they could be uploaded to Youtube afterwards.

Whoever is in charge of the Twitch account should ensure VODs are enabled. Even if it’s only for 14 days that will be a huge benefit, especially for antipodeans like Wade and me :wink:


They will be.


The first two seminars are up:

Graham Nelson on Inform 7:

Chris Klimas and Stuart Moulthrop on Chapbook: