NarraScope Resources Spreadsheet for Educators + Students

Educators on the NarraScope discord were pining for a spreadsheet of all the great things that were being tossed around during the conference, and I have delivered! This linked spreadsheet has three sheets for books, games, and academic articles respectively, with relevant tags on the former two. (I thought the academic article titles tended to speak for themselves.) Many thanks to the people who shared pictures of their bookshelves, emails of their speaker resources, and tried to explain what exactly was up with ludology and narratology.

For people new to the academic side of IF: I would suggest starting out with looking up the meanings of the book tags, and then browsing through some of the freely available academic articles. You could also try looking up some of the authors that pop up a lot. Too vague? Shoot me an email (attached on the spreadsheet), message me through here, or pop into the #archiving-if channel on the Discord.

Suggestions and recs greatly appreciated! I have commenting permissions enabled on the sheet for just that reason. I hope to collect the links on the Discord at some future point, though this time, I hope I don’t have to scroll through thousands of messages to do so. >~<


Hi, Sarinsaya,

Thanks for your work on this. The spreadsheets should be very helpful.