NarraScope 2024 schedule and registration info

I missed posting a couple of announcements here…

NarraScope will be at The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York.

Our full schedule is posted now! The keynote speaker will be Nat Clayton, the level designer on Inkle’s A Highland Song.

Registration is open. The early registration price is only good until May 3rd; prices will go up after that. Hotel space is also likely to be tight, so really, the earlier you register the better.

And finally: we are still looking for sponsors and donors to help balance our finances. It turns out that the Strong is significantly more expensive than the University of Pittsburgh was last year. Both venue space and catering costs will be higher this year.

So if you can possibly donate, or pay extra while registration, that would be great. If not, registering at the basic price is also great! Or register for online attendance if you can’t make it to Rochester.

And if your company is narrative-game-adjacent, institutional sponsorships would be gratefully received.

That’s the news. Thanks again.


For online attendees will the talks be available to stream after? Either via Discord? Or going up on the YouTube channel? I ask because I’m registered, but may only catch some of it live. Different time zones don’t help :wink: Thanks :slight_smile:

The talks will go up on the youtube channel, but I don’t know how long it will take. Last year it took a couple of months to get the video out of Pitt.



I’m afraid we are behind our fundraising targets. We may not be able to run NarraScope at the Strong if we are stuck at this financial level.

(Yes, this is the second year in a row that we’ve found ourselves in a late financial crunch. All my fault. Hybrid is hard and, like I said, this year’s costs are higher than expected.)

Please pass the word that we are looking for more individual and institutional sponsors for the best little (in-person) narrative game conference of the year.




We have made a lot of progress on fundraising. In particular, thanks to Choice of Games and Hosted Games, two companies which are supporting NarraScope at the silver-tier level.

At this point we can definitely say that NarraScope will happen at the Strong. The above uncertainty is hereby resolved. :)

That said, we’re not yet breaking even on the event! We’ll keep updating the sponsors page as more donations come in. Remember that all funds past break-even will be added to the honoraria to our speakers, so any amount is worthwhile.

Upcoming deadlines:

  • In-person registration closes on June 7th.

  • Registration for online participation closes on June 17th.

  • The conference rates at our hotels are only guaranteed until May 20th. (A couple of the hotels keep the rates open for a couple of days longer, but you should get your plans nailed down sooner.)


To help us with the push to ensure NarraScope is a success, the IFTF President (hi Justin) has announced a $1000 matching donation campaign, that will run from today, May 6, 2024, through May 12, 2024. During this time, all donations made to IFTF will be matched, up to $1000 (for a total of $2000 if the full amount is reached).

(Please note: Admission to NarraScope at the base ticket price is not considered a donation to IFTF. Standard admission is $135 for the in-person ticket and $40 for the online-only ticket. Tickets purchased at the “Community Support” and “Extra Community Support” level include a donation of $35 and $105, respectively. We will do the math for the purposes of this campaign if that is how you choose to donate.)

(IFTF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and donations to IFTF are usually tax-deductible in the United States, but payments made through Eventbrite are not considered as such, so please take this into account if it matters to you. Please see our Donation Page for more information: Give to IFTF)