NarraScope 2023

We have a date and a location!

NarraScope 2023 will take place June 9th to 11th at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA.

More info: NarraScope 2023: a conference celebrating narrative games - NarraScope

The call for proposals is also up.


I’ll miss the Gather space but I’m glad it’s still going to be online (and I guess similar to what it was like in 2020?) for the people who can’t/don’t want to attend in person.


2019 was the last (and first) on-site NarraScope, at MIT.

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Would you be able to add a page about this to IFWiki (NarraScope 2023 - IFWiki)? It would make the dates appear automatically on the wiki’s main page.

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Done, with just a minimal event page.