NarraScope 2023

We have a date and a location!

NarraScope 2023 will take place June 9th to 11th at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA.

More info: NarraScope 2023: a conference celebrating narrative games - NarraScope

The call for proposals is also up.


I’ll miss the Gather space but I’m glad it’s still going to be online (and I guess similar to what it was like in 2020?) for the people who can’t/don’t want to attend in person.


2019 was the last (and first) on-site NarraScope, at MIT.

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Would you be able to add a page about this to IFWiki (NarraScope 2023 - IFWiki)? It would make the dates appear automatically on the wiki’s main page.

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Done, with just a minimal event page.


The schedule is up, as of last week: Schedule - NarraScope

And as of ten minutes ago…

We are pleased and delighted to announce our keynote speaker for this year! Brianna Lei will kick off our annual conversation in June.

Brianna is the author of the visual novels Butterfly Soup and Butterfly Soup 2, high school dramas about gay girls playing baseball and falling in love. The games have become indie hits for their portrayal of Diya, Noelle, Akarsha, and Min-seo – energetic, convincingly-outrageous teenagers trying to figure out their lives in the worst way.

We look forward to letting Brianna welcome us to NarraScope!


I’m looking forward to this, as I’ll be going in person (and visiting Pittsburgh for the first time)!

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