Nar8 Narrative Game Jam, ASCII Enthusiasts competition

While browsing, I just stumbled upon two upcoming game jams listed there: the “Nar8 Narrative Game Jam”, focusing on storytelling, and the “ASCII Enthusiasts Programming Jam”, focusing on text-based games (*).

I’m not involved in either of them (and I guess I won’t have the time to submit anything either), but I thought they might be interesting to fellow IF people. (Just to be clear, I also think it’s good to enter IF games into all sorts of game jams – Ludum Dare and whatever – not just explicitly narrative and/or text-based jams.)

(*) Caveat: the ASCII people seem to be very intent on console/terminal-only programs. I don’t know whether an interpreter running an IF game in a terminal would fit the bill; although, why shouldn’t it?

Cool! Nar8 especially seems like it’ll be interesting. Not sure if it’s really a good idea to add another project to the pile, but maaaaybe.

Thanks for the heads up!

So is anyone else planning on making something for this? Judging by Twitter buzz, most people are planning to enter more typical “indie” graphical games, which is cool, but it seems like a bit of a shame if a game jam focused on storytelling doesn’t end up including much/anything from a medium for which storytelling seems to be a significant strength. I’m trying to get a short, weird Twine thing together, myself.

I might participate in Nar8, if time permits. I don’t really have any ideas as of now, but plot-focused games and storytelling are right up my alley.

Thank you for alerting me to this jam, St John.