Name Generator IFComp 2015 edition

I finally got around to updating the IF Name Generator and it now includes titles from the latest IFDB database dump. Check out the IFComp 2015 edition!

Programmery types might find the new API interesting: you can pull JSON or plaintext data from the generator. See the GitHub page for more information.

“Space Problems Compound” is kind of an Honest Movie Trailers-esque title for several of the entries, now that I think of it…

This is incredibly fun, by the way. Thanks for sharing :3

Now I really want to make “Laid Off From the Space Troopers”.

I would play:

I Think The Waves Are Minimalist
Arcane Shellshock
Nowhere Near Hell
Final Bile, Inhuman Circuits

Just one run gave me these:

Truth Against Buzzfeed
Chaos in Hangover

I Think The Waves Are Watching My Mother
Dreadwine Guzzlers from Beyond!
Frankenstein’s Intern

+1 for Frankenstein’s Intern and Arcane Shellshock

Grandma Bethlinda’s Power
Andromeda INTRIGUE
Unbeknown the Puffin

Um, I believe you mean Frankenstein’s Intern’s Monster?

“Space Problems Compound” is a pretty good summary for about 50% of my non-IF writing, and my IF writing will probably make it there at some point as well.

Invaders from Ether
The Lair of Mr. from the Synesthesia Factory (in which you play as Russell, I guess)
Nowhere Near War Two History Project
Churro Taghairm
Show Me Your Birdland

Beatle Battle
Bureaucracy Queen!
Pathetic Hideout of Mr. Going to Be Fine
Land Mandroid
The Shopping and The Cactus

I got ‘dick map’ on my first try. There’s a screenshot on my twitter.

Oh. My. God.

I’m going to be laughing about this for days.

I dont get it [emote]:([/emote]

A churro is a deep fried Mexican dessert.


The King and Eye–Sauron returns to Middle-Earth to become a governess to Aragorn’s many children. Will the performance of “The Small Hole of Bilbo Baggins” go off without a hitch?

I Think The Waves Are Rain - a story about the discovery of the water cycle.

Arcane E-mailbox - MR. PoTTe We are delighted to announce you are enrolled in HOGWORT university and have received large inheritance of your parents numbering 1 MILLION gold gallons. Please send 1000 Gold Gallons by owl for Grigot bank fee

Stranded Man Who Killed Time - a very very detailed simulation of an airport layover.

Clerics Meow - starring the feline-addicted priests of the Cat-Holic Church.

Grimm’s Bronx - later renamed The Wolf Among Us.

Toddler (Unpaid) - You’re starting at the bottom, kid. Will your toddling experience pay off with a fat raise and a corner playpen? Can you grab that puffy plastic teething ring? Or is a permanent position in the toddling industry permanently out of your reach?

I’ve run this a few times now and collected these gems:

Grandma Bethlinda’s Bears
Acid and the Crown
Nowhere Near Solid
Dance Fever Summit
SPY Chicken
Taghairm Oxen Free

And my personal favourite:

Causality Quest

A Figure Met Santaland i[/i]
The Adventures of Peter Patzer, Who Sought Masterhood and Returned Not Unbeknown (ok actually that sounds like a perfectly legit title)
I Think The Waves Are RL (if you’re not sure, maybe you need to get offline for a bit)
Return of the Something! (ok someone needs to make that a real game)
Spy Baker of Shireton (now that’s a twist…)

Yoshi’s Ataraxia, the long-awaited sequel to Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Story