Name for CYOA games with world-model?

I’ve been thinking about this topic recently, and I think the core problem with naming this concept is that there’s no longer a good term for games where you have an inventory, navigate locations, and solve puzzles in the world model.

We used to have a term for this, “adventure games,” of which we had text-only “text adventures” and graphical “point-and-click adventure games,” but since the decline of puzzle “adventure games” in the 90s, the term now just means any kind of game where you go on an adventure.

Similarly, “text adventure” has lost all meaning. People now use it to refer to any game with text and no graphics, even choice-based games with no inventory, no map of locations, and no puzzle solving.

If “adventure game” or “text adventure” were still popular terms, then we could call Detectiveland a “point-and-click text adventure.”

But without that, we need a term that means “adventure game” where people know what it means.