Mythion Adventures - A New and Unique Twist on Interactive Fiction

Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to my small company Mythion Games. We’ve spent a little more than a year developing a mobile based (iOS & Android), multi-player, ever-expanding interactive fiction game, built around a hand-crafted fantasy world. My hope is to reach the next generation of players while satisfying existing fans of the genre. I think we have something special. We just launched over the weekend and I’d be most honored if you would play our game, participate in our community and provide us feedback. The game is called Mythion Adventures and you can find more information at

I appreciate any consideration and look forward to discussing this topic.


Kyle (mythion)


Hello all!

I wanted to provide an update on what’s been going on since we launched our game. But first, thank you to those that have tried it out and I appreciate the notes/feedback I’ve received. We’ve made some serious progress and below you can see some of our major updates based on feedback. These apply to both the iOS and Android versions. I’d really appreciate any continued constructive criticism you have on the game and look forward to answering any questions. We’ll be pushing an Achievements feature later this week or early next week (just never know how testing goes). We also have some cool stuff coming out next month, so stay tuned. We’re heads down making a go at this and trying to get it right. Let us know what that would mean to you. Please share with others, we always appreciate the help.

Change Log

  • Auto Playback is now an option available inside the settings menu. Off by default.
  • Haptic Feedback has been added to many interactions in the app.
  • Added support for Collection artwork to display in-line when discovered.
  • Your reading location is now saved for Collection and Lore items.
  • There is now an option to delete your account accessible from the settings menu of the app.
  • Added support for landscape orientation on iPad.
  • Added adventure-specific music.
  • Reworked account registration to use email address instead of phone number.
  • Reduced baseline music volume.
  • We have made several changes to the look and feel of buttons and interaction throughout the app.

Thanks again!


Kyle (mythion)

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