Myth (Magnetic Scrolls); Hint Request

I’m in the Wooden Shack playing blackjack with Charon. I have put the mirror/shield behind him so I can see his hand. However, I have no idea how this is supposed to help me cheat. I still have to get as close to 21 as I can, so my mirror cheat is only good for telling me if it’s okay to stop asking for another card. This doesn’t do anything to prevent Charon from getting great cards of course. Is there another trick, or is this just a really long-drawn-out and tedious puzzle (if you can even call it that)?

Blagh! I’m out. I’m not wasting my time playing simulated blackjack against a simulated opponent, even if he is Charon and Death himself is dealing.

I’m off to play Magnetic Scrolls’ Jinxter instead.

I’ll gladly play on in Myth if anyone has some good pointers as to how to win the blackjack game though.

Looking at the playback script for Myth used to test the Magnetic interpreter, it doesn’t look like there’s any other trick. With the shield you can see Charon’s first card, so it looks like the best you can do is to bet 50 obols if you’ve got a 10 or a face card or an ace and Charon hasn’t, or 5 obols if you’re less likely to win. When your winnings get to 650 obols Charon can’t pay any more and you get something else from him, finishing the “puzzle”.

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Yeah, that was my reasoning too. However, with a few strokes of bad luck, I lost all of my coins twice even when betting with the odds. A tedious obstacle to put it nicely, and not one I find has its place in an adventure. The adventure puzzle worth solving here was: “How do I get an edge over Charon?” Having to actually play multiple rounds of actual blackjack, all the while risking that you’ll lose and have to start over again even with the cheating mirror in place makes for tedium at best, frustration at worst.

Maybe I’ll have another go after my brain is appeased with good food.

Might be a bit cynical to suggest, but one possible reason the card game sequence can’t be completely skipped via a puzzle is because it really helps to artificially pad out the length of what was only ever intended to be a mini-adventure offered as an incentive to join MS’s adventure club.

Seriously, I would have preferred a gratuitous maze.