Mystery of the Dark Manor,1992 text adventure,now on Android

Hi all

I just wanted to let people know that I have ported another one of my father’s games, Mystery of the Dark Manor, to Android devices. This uses the same engine that was programmed for Moonbase 3 so should provide a consistent user experience.

Mystery of the Dark Manor was originally released in the UK in 1992.

Its features include:

  • Different font sizes
  • Text to speech
  • Speech input
  • Android gestures to swipe the screen when moving in the different compass directions

Based on feedback from people I have made some updates to Moonbase 3.

As such both games now include:

  • more helpful information when starting
  • training video (more for those not overly familiar with text adventure games)
  • autosave
  • save/load game lists are timestamped and sorted by most recent saved first
  • bug fixes

The demo for both games link here:

The full versions link here: … 3.Complete

I appreciate the feedback people give to me on these games, it has helped make them better.

Kind regards

Mark Eaton