Mystery House Possessed hints

I’ve had a lot of fun playing through Mystery House Possessed about a dozen times, looking through a ton of the hidden locations, finding the murderer, learning the whole backstory. I’ve found all the items not in the original game.

But I can’t find the jewels for the life of me. I feel like it’ll either be in the last place I look, or there’s something I’m missing.

How do you find the jewels?

I get the impression that much is randomised in the game. Do you think the location of the jewels is randomised and you’ve just been unlucky?

Could NPCs destroy the jewels so it’s unlikely to find them?

What is the evidence that the jewels are in the game (have you seen them or has any character mentioned them?) and it would be possible to find them?

I’m fairly certain you can find the jewels, as you are told that feeding the jewels to the paw will release the curse.

In the original Mystery House, there was a basement and a secret stair to it, with the jewels down there. I suspect that that is the case in this game, but I’ve never found anything like that.

It is possible I’ve just been unlucky, but I’ve replayed numerous times.

Going from original “Mystery House” playing memory, and re reaching basement, have you tried (direct spoiler)

…moving the refrigerator? Or pushing it, or maybe it was the cabinet… anyway, the entrance to the basement, in the original, was behind a piece of furniture in the kitchen.

It turns out that there is a simple action you can do within 5 turns that will reveal the location, and that doesn’t involve any sort of hidden passage, or even any items. (actually, I tried again, and it appears some event must be first triggered)

The action is in fact hinted at several times.

This was fun!