Mystery at Gray Manor - first published Evergreen title - now playable!

We just released our first title on that was written with the Evergreen platform. Check it out!
Mystery at Gray Manor by silverpinesoftware

Would love to hear comments/feedback.

Thank you!



Hey this looks really good. I like pictures already.

However, I can’t handle the text being printed in slow motion. Can there be an option to stop this.

Otherwise, game looks very promising.

Good suggestion. There is a setting to control the speed but not one to disable it altogether. We will add an option for that to the settings. (You can also just tap to have it auto complete.)


I looked into this because I heard there was slow text (I am a slow text hater).

But at first glance this looks like it has pretty high production values: nice images, text seems well written so far, some non-trivial choices.

Playing on PC, it only uses about 20% of my screen space:

It is designed for mobile play more than PC? Is there an option that’s a little ‘wider’?


Yeah, it’s designed to be played back on mobile devices. We’re actually working on a native viewer/reader for Evergreen stories to make that easier. Publishing to is sort of just a pre-cursor to that.


Nice images, although it felt somewhat sterile. Are you using AI by any chance?

Also, regarding the layout, since you’re not using on-screen keyboard anyway, do you think it’d be better to play it using landscape format where the picture and text are side by side? Or do you have a plan to incorporate keyboard on future titles, and hence restricted to vertical/portrait format?

The story was written by Ali Garfinkel (Ali Garfinkel - IMDb)
The images were mostly created with Midjourney. We originally weren’t going to have images, but the whole purpose of the story is to demonstrate the types of things you can create with so we decided to add them. I agree they could be better.

I do like the idea of having an adaptive layout for landscape. I’ll add a ticket to the backlog for that. We’re also working on a native viewer for the stories as well which definitely can support multiple layouts.

We do have a ticket in the backlog for keyboard support in the future, but want to be very careful with the implementation of it. The whole platform is already completely scriptable, but the focus is on ease of creation/writing. It’s a fine line between making a platform for choice games versus opening the door to something slightly more parser based. We are planning on hosting a game jam pretty soon to hopefully introduce folks to it that have never tried it.

Great questions and suggestions!