Mysterious Yuletide Benefactors

So, my family and I have this tradition, around this time of year, where we do nice things for random people. Just little gestures, nothing too fancy. Paying for the coffee in the car behind us at Starbucks. Bringing a to-go meal to a homeless person. Giving coupons to random people in the grocery store. Whatever. Just little acts of kindness.

And I was thinking, this here IF community has done a lot of good for me in the couple months I’ve been here. I’d like to do some nice stuff for y’all, too.

So here is what I propose: If you’re interested in doing a little spreading-of-good-cheer, post on this thread. I will do something nice for you. I only ask that you do something nice for somebody else on the list, too, or more than one somebody.

Nice things you might receive:

  • A month of Sub-Q premium membership
  • A video review or let’s play of your game on my Youtube channel
  • A piece of fanart/a limerick/whatever related to you/your work
  • Something made in Twine
  • An interview or review on my blog and/or Ravenous Monster
  • A little donation into your Patreon
  • etc etc etc

To Participate:
Post saying you’re interested. Let me know where I can find you on the web if you have a Patreon/books for sale/whatever else. State if there is something you absolutely do NOT want (for example, you already have a Sub-q subscription) but don’t be a jerk about it. Agree to do something nice for at least one other person on this list.


  • Bear in mind this is all coming from charity/kindness, and there are no guarantees that all “nice things” will be of equal value or even have monetary value. Take it in good faith that people are doing what they can.

  • Participation is voluntary and on the honors system. I trust y’all to be kind to one another. If I get word that anyone is abusing this in any way I’ll deal with it…and be very sad :frowning:

  • Nice Things should be completed by Christmas Eve :slight_smile:


This sounds like a fun thing to do. My games and email address can be found here. I’m looking forward to spreading a bit of seasonal good will myself!

I’m in. The world needs more random acts of kindness.

Sounds like fun. I’m in!

I’m in!

Various factors are going to cause me to give a gift to a random person in this thread.

I will wait until there are 6 eligible* people in the thread, then I will roll a 6-sided die. So 1 = Joey, 2 = sirwol, 3 = geekgirl, etc. The next 3 people to declare their in-ness will get numbers 4-6.

  • To be eligible for this gift, you
  • MUST have a COMPUTER. It MUST be able to play games. It SHOULD NOT be completely stone-aged.
  • MUST have an email address that you’re prepared to tell me what it is by PM or whatever if I roll your number
  • MUST trust me to roll the 6-sided die and correctly interpret the result without me bothering to videotape the exercise

So if you meet those criteria and declare your intention to participate in this yuletide thing, you can become 4, 5 or 6. This is completely independent of anyone else’s actions in this thread, which I feel I am rapidly dragging down into the terrain of an over-elaborate kris kringle.

Also if you’re already 1, 2 or 3 but DON’T have a non-stone-aged computer, or you WOULDN’T share your email with me, you can graciously declare yourself out of the running in advance, or you can embarrassingly become the recipient of the gift and then admit your failings publicly in this thread, at which point I roll again.

Plus, I can do other kind stuff if I want. But I am doing this over-elaborate thing first.


[i]EDIT - Erm… sorry, this is going to sound jerky, but I’m going to have to withdraw my intent to enter. I thought I could share a few things, but they’re not mine to share, basically. I could rationalise my way around it, but it would really be against the spirit of the thing.

On the other hand, I expect to be singing some Christmasy stuff over the next few weeks. If it comes out OK, I’ll make it a gift to everyone. :slight_smile: If it doesn’t, well, you’re really better off without it. Really really really.[/i]

Deadline is, we’ll say, Christmas eve? I’ll put that on the first post, good question!

And, ee, it makes me happy to see people getting involved :slight_smile:

Time pressure means that some of my benefaction strikes — now.

The following people should PM me their email address post-haste:
Peter Piers

I have the others’ emails.


Wade, please check my edit. You’ll want to count me out. Sorry.

I totally read your edit. The thing about random acts of kindness is they are unrequited. (PS All my obfuscation about rolling a die was a lie.)

So if I want, I COULD inflict a gift on you anyway. You wouldn’t be able to do anything about it! Hahahaha!

BUT knowing a little about you, I felt there might be a logistical issue involved, anyway. So for now, I’ll not give you this particular gift I had planned, and will inform you by PM about the logistical issue.


Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Mischief managed!

Just a heads up that my elves are indeed at work over here…they just got a little temporarily waylaid by life circumstances, as life circumstances are wont to do.

But, expect Nice Things from me to come trickling in tomorrow and wrap up sometime Christmas at the latest :slight_smile:

I’m still working on my treats!

To be fair, I celebrate New Year’s Eve, not Christmas :wink: (It’s a Russian thing.)