My very first IF game

Hi everyone.

I have always liked IF ever since I was a kid and made a small project in Unity after losing my job. It is my first ever project and I’m very skeptical on how to proceed at this point. I was in the military so there are only few people in my circle who appreciates my work. I had trouble finding help and had to do everything by myself including resources production for the game. I put it out for testing and tried to advertise it, but my funds ran out before it can gather attention. I’m thinking of giving up, but it pains me to abandon a year’s worth of effort. Any advice on what to do next?

My game is called “Hero Ascension” and its in Google Play as of now because it’s the most commonly used gaming platform in my country.


Hi Erika,

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You can post a link here and on the IF Database for a start. Is there a cost to play your game?

I don’t have the capability to play a game via Google play but some here should.

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First thing first, I suggest looking at the different IF languages available, if you coded an IF with a complex 3D engine, you can tackle the current generation IF languages (yes, there was multiple generations of specialised IF languages…), Inform 10 and TADS 3 and see if you like the modern choice-based IF engines. The sub-forums under Authoring should give you a broad enough idea of the currently-used IF language; but you should not overlook the earlier generation(s) of IF languages, Inform 6 (a different language re. Inform 10), TADS 2 (the forerunner of TADS 3) and Hugo, aka the “Big Three” of the 2000s-10s

there’s also ALAN 3, whose has an impressive flexibility ADRIFT, albeit runs only under a very questionable operating system, plus the older (1990s) but still valid (at least IMVHO) if one kept in mind their limitations, Inform 5, ALAN 2, AGT and Advsys.

I have posted, a year or two ago, a detailed analysis of these languages, noting their strenghts and weaknesses, you can also look at it.

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Thank you for your replies. I used Unity because it was recommended by a friend. I’ll be sure to look into those languages as my game is stuck with portrait resolutions which limits its compatibility with many platforms.

The game is free but has in-app purchases and non-intrusive ads (Sorry…I’m poor). I’m planning to remove them if I can publish on other platforms.

The game heavily references Greek mythology and has a little bit of combat in it. I’m sorry but I currently can’t post links here or on the IF database (I don’t know how). But it is the first result after ads when you search Hero Ascension in Google Play Store. (It’s currently named Hero Ascension: Adventure RPG)

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You’ll have to create a new game listing and add your game to that. (for IFDB)


There is no such thing as a non-intrusive ad.


True, but they can be a necessary evil if hosting costs have to be paid.

Still, I’d recommend also putting it on or similar, which will host it indefinitely for free. I don’t know their policy on in-app purchases but people can pay you through the platform for it; I’ve found it pretty straightforward to set up.

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You don’t need to pay hosting costs on Google Play but you need to pay a one-time fee of I think USD 50 for signing up.

I second My current work-in-progress is on there.

I tried it and it looked very polished. Graphically, at least.

It appears to have a central rpg element. I found myself constantly battling random foes. I didn’t find any exploration or character interaction, like dialog and conversation. nevertheless this would appeal to players who like battle stats rather than plots or IF in general.

That is to say, it doesn’t feel like there’s an IF gameplay component. if you intended some IF, then that’s the area to develop.