My Unofficial Comp Awards

Since 2015, I’ve awarded an unofficial award to every comp game, and posted about it in the author’s forum. This is the first year I can do so publicly! Here are my awards:

Abandon Them - The Coolest Interface Award
ALICE BLUE - The Haunting Imagery Award
Arram’s Tomb - The Best Boss Fight Award
Bad Water - The First IFComp FMV Game Award
Black Sheep - The Secrets upon Secrets Award
Blue Like No Other, A - The Secret Novel Award
Bradford Mansion - The Mysterious Paintings Award
Break Stuff - The Cathartic Award
Call of the Shaman, The - The Epic Journey Award
Chieftain, The - The True Leadership Award
Chuk and the Arena - The Most Inventive Use of a Pigeon Award
Citizen of Nowhere - The Hidden Homages Award
Clusterflux - The Best Time Travel Plot Award
De Novo - The Best Historical Game Award
Dull Grey - The Award for Smooth, Beautiful Animation
Dungeon Detective 2 - The Best Gnoll Detective Award
Each-uisge - The Awesome Descriptions of Horses Award
Eldritch Everyday - The 'It-Got-Stuck-In-My-Brain-In-More-Than-One-Way" Award
Enceladus The Best Use of Fur Swimwear Award
Extreme Omnivore The Tastiest Recipe Award
Eye Contact - The “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words” Award
Faerethia - The Best Use of Philosophy Award
Fat Fair - The Most Apt Content Warnings Award
Flight of the Codemonkeys - The Truly Open Source Award
Flygskam Simulator - The Most Environmentally Conscious Award
For the Cats - The Best Use of Coal Award
For the Moon Never Beams - The Retro Award
Four Eccentrics, The - The Most Unusual Use of Cloth Award
Frenemies - The Andy Phillipps Award
Girth Loinhammer - The Eyebleach Award
Gone out for Gruyere - The Evilest Cheese Award
Good people, The The Amazing Villain Award
Hard Puzzle 4 - The Hardest Puzzles Award (what else?)
Heretic’s Hope - The Epic Worldbuilding Award
House on Sycamore Lane - The All of my Tokens Award
Iamb(ici) - The Ghost in the Shell Award
Island in the Storm - The Promising Engine Award
Jon Doe - Wildcard Nucleus - The Best James Bond Tribute Award
Language Arts - The Most Satisfying Solutions Award
Legendary Hero has Failed - The Best Friends Award
Let’s Play: Ancient Greek - The Golden Apple
Limerick Heist - The Best use of Constrained Poetry Award
Lucerne - The Chiaroscuro Award
Meeting Robb Sherwin - The Sincere Award
Mental Entertainment - The ‘The Game Means What You Want It To Mean’ Award
Milgram Parable - The ‘I’m Glad I Don’t Have to Live This Game In Real Life’ Award
Mysterious Stories of Caroline - The Best Use of Music Award
Night Guard / Morning Star - The Dark Ritual Award
Ocean Beach - The Most Peaceful Award
Old Jim’s Convenience Store - The Best Twist Award
Ouroboros Trap - The Award Award Award Award
Out - The Most Charming Award
Pas de Deux - The ‘Two Batons Up’ Award
Pirateship - The Most Interesting Concept of Mermaid Award
Planet C - The Literal Worldbuilding Award
Poppet - The Cutest NPC Award
Randomized escape - The Most Interesting Source Award
Remedial Witchcraft - The Satisfying Spell Award
Rio Alto: forgotten memories - The Best Incorporation of Graphics into Gameplay Award
Rip Retold - The Longest Sleep Award
Roads Not Taken - The Most Accurate Depiction of Boy Scouts Award
robotsexpartymurder - The Best Use of Content Warnings in the Title Award
Saint City Sinners - The Metaphor Award
secret of vegibal island - The Most Interesting Use of Disney Award
Shadow Witch - The Devil and Angel Award
Skies Above - The Grinder Award
Skybreak! - The Epic Journey Award
Slugocalypse - The Squishiest Award
Sugarlawn - The Best Use of Optimization Award
Summer Night City - The Secret Code Award
Surprise, The - The Relatable Award
Sweetest Honey, The - The Most Terrifying Taste of Honey Award
Treasure Hunt in the Amazon - The Best Adaptation of an Old Game Award
Truck Quest - The Most Epic Trucker Thumbs Up Award
Turandot - The Standing Ovation Award
Under the Sea - The Most Interesting Individual Color Award
Untold Story, The - The Chessmaster Award
URA Winner! - The Canadian Medal of Bravery Award
Valand - The Truly Creepiest Man Award
Very Vile Fairy File - The Great Game: Fate? Fame! Award
Winter Break at Hogwarts - The Most Accurate Representation of Harry Potter Locations Award
Zozzled - The Most Spirited Award