My Secret Hideout

I neglected posting here (being rather blogged out last night), and quite possible everybody who reads this has already seen it mentioned on twitter or google+ or my blog or Emily’s blog or… etc. But just in case:

I have just released a textual bagatelle for iPad (and iPad 2, but not iPhone yet). It’s not a game. It’s a sort of generator of IF-like room descriptions, though. I hope you find it fun to play with.

Aw…no PC version? Sounds pretty cool though; could we have a demonstration of its output or somesuch?

If you search Google for the game’s name, you should get a number of reviews of it that contain some samples.


There are samples on the screenshots page ( … tching-up/ .

A googol different outputs? Okay, but how many bits of entropy? :wink:

Almost exactly ten bits per leaf. (Not counting the root, which is fixed and only contributes 2.5 bits.) Maximum of 40 leaves, so about 2^390 (10^117) distinct possible trees.

Good question, though. That “googol” figure was counting generatable possibilities of the text engine. It’s a coincidence that the number of possible trees is a few orders of magnitude larger. Would have been embarrassing if I’d run through the calculation and found that only 10^80 outputs were truly possible. :slight_smile: