My own review pacing document

The review spreadsheet got me thinking of ways I could track my own reviewing. I started a bit late, but I’d like to try to get through all the entries I didn’t test. (The ones I did, I want to write up, too, but they’ll be easier, since I’m familiar with them.) And I think I found something that’s simple and effective for me. It’s … no-frills with the formats, but it may contain more calculations than you want for yourself.

Obviously I want to keep comments on games I review out of this document. This is strictly about tracking.

My basic idea was just to have 2 rows of entries, both those I tested and those I didn’t. N2 and K2 track the days gone by and days remaining. Row K tracks my current rate from the start of the com, which is probably what most people want to do, and L tracks from when I started (a bit late) reviewing games.

The reviews get 1 if I posted them, .5 if they are in progress, and 0 if I haven’t done anything.

Column I (“Order of requests in topic (not hard and fast priority)”) tracks who has asked implicitly for a review. It can be awkward to, so I made the second post in my topic a “like this post only if you’d like a review.” I’ve never tried this, so I’ll see how it works. I doubt it’ll leave any hard feelings if I go out of order, and hopefully it’ll give me something good to focus on if I do let things slip and have to triage what games to review.

As of 10/11, the light blue cell can be changed if your goal is simply to review half of the games–I suspect this sheet could be done better, but I wanted to whip something up. The hope is that someone who might want to pace their own reviews can steal, copy, and modify as they may find helpful, and all they have to do is shuffle reviews from one column to the next based on what they tested.

And the main calculations you’ll find useful are probably K12-K14, “comp start” crossed by “Untested rate per day/Untested to go per day/Ratio-to-go” … a ratio of <1 being ahead of schedule and >1 being behind.

I’d be interested in tweaks others may suggest. I don’t want to open it up to editing, since it focuses on my reviews (feel free to copy and tinker and share what you have–and if anyone has their own documents, great) but I did want to throw this out there. It helped me get organized.