It is not the first time that I bring this issue to light. Parchment template for Inform 7 has a problem for Chrome browser: it just not automatically scrolls down to the new text. This is a big issue for playing online using Chrome (not tested in Firefox, in Microsoft EDGE it plays great).

I’m posted an issue to the Parchment GitHub, but I repost this here so maybe someone could help, or be warned about deploying parser games on the web.

What I want is a web template (not for inform 7, just an independent web template) that behaves like plain vanilla, that works great!

Simply as that.



Thanks to Dannii Willis I have this working.

Here is the help I needed:

Now it works fine:

Ok. First I tried to build my own release directory, failing in the process, so in the end, I’ve just pasted my shit into the main parchment-master directory. And it is working! I’ve deleted some obvious stuff, but I’m pasting the result here to see if I can improve the weigh of the package:

`$ ls
CNAME LICENCE index.html play_en.html
CONTRIBUTORS lib/ play_es.html
Cover.jpg Procfile package.json stories/
Gruntfile.js ‘Small Cover.jpg’ parchment.manifest style.css


Later I realized that I can delete the Quixe interpreter from lib/

The index is a custom launcher with the cover and default style of Inform 7 template, and then, play_en and play_es are proper parchment html with minimal options changes to launch the proper games in the stories directory. The style archive is the style of Inform 7 template.

I hope this help for people uploading parser games to itchio or into their own sites.