My Infocom bugs list updated

At long last there’s been an update to my list of Infocom bugs.
I’ve added new bugs for Deadline, Sherlock, Sorcerer, Suspect, and Zork III.
As always, I’m hoping anyone who’s still interested will send me their bug reports.
I’d especially like to know about any fatal bugs (that crash or lock up the game) in Border Zone, Enchanter, Hollywood Hijinx, Lurking Horror, Nord & Bert, Planetfall, Seastalker, Sorcerer, Stationfall, Trinity, Wishbringer, or Witness.
I’m also looking for body parts bugs (that destroy or detach a body part) in Hollywood Hijinx, Nord & Bert, Sorcerer, or Stationfall.
I never add a bug to the list until I’ve verified it myself, so some complex ones take a while to be added. Right now I have 3 still to verify.
I deeply care for these games. Finding their flaws is a labor of love; I’m grateful for any help.

Do you consider Deadline’s response to X ALL to be a bug, or just an oversight?

“There’s nothing special about the all”.

Yes, I call that a bug.
That’s an interesting command; I never thought to try it. It works in only 3 games: Infidel, Planetfall, and Zork I.

And Ballyhoo.

I noticed this recently in Trinity, for what it’s worth:

Hey, quick update to what I said…

In Ballyhoo, “x all” works in the first room. Then you move, and it doesn’t work anymore. Cute. That smells like a bug.