My first game ever - The Wayward Colony

Hi everyone! I just released my first game ever, called The Wayward Colony. As you can imagine, I’m very eager for feedback and to hear people’s thoughts, good and constructive.

The Wayward Colony is a puzzle RPG inspired by old flash games from Newgrounds, created by Kinoko.wav.

You can play it for free here:

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Unfortunately I can’t play it. I have an old Android phone. There comes “??? I see…” with a little arrow tip pointing down. But I can’t get any further, no matter where and how I click/tip or swipe.

Hmmm well thats not an auspicious start to my game dev career.

Ill look into it, it should work fine on pc if youre able to play there!

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This is awesome! I really like it.

I’ve been trying to escape the school. I found a screwdriver. Maybe I’ll try again later. Graphics are neat.

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Thank you! Definitely take your time and explore thoroughly.

I ended up taking photos I took or stock photos and scaling them down to make a lot of the backgrounds. Wanted to create a sort of low-poly PS1 style graphic for RPGs.

Ok, I got it running on my PC now:

Uhmm, I feel stupid, but I can only run around in a locked room.

Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s a way out! Are you in the beginning section of the game?

Yes, I am.

There should be a lever, a terminal, and some other things in that room for you to interact with. Hope I’m not being too opaque about the instructions haha, it’s just about finding the right switch to progress.

Thanks! Now I got it! I had to click on that terminal.
There are some minor typos like “olline” and similar.

While I would not be surprised if they were typos haha, that one is actually intentional! The terminals/machines you interface with are laden with typos - which they then correct. I wanted to create a dissonance of machines being something that could misspeak or mistype.