My Compy Valentine: A Mini-"Comp", Sponsored by SPAG!

Valentine’s Day is a time for giving thanks! Kind of like Thanksgiving, but with more baby animals, puns, and painful rhyming verse.

That’s why we’re seeking “SPAG Valentines”: very short IF works in which IF WRITERS show their appreciation to the DEVELOPERS who make their creative works possible. Think of it like a cross between a mini-comp and a speed-IF.

Here are your instructions:

Choose your Valentine: anyone in the community who helped create your favorite IF language, interpreter, development interface, extension, script, macro, CSS theme or any other component you’ve used in your IF work (including works in progress)
Use IF tools to create a Valentine’s Day greeting for your Valentine
Use your development system / language of choice
Use your dubious poetic skills to praise the fruits of your Valentine’s programming labor
Somehow incorporate your Valentine’s work into the greeting itself, if possible
Send your completed Valentine’s Day greeting or a link to by February 15 (the day itself is not one for scrambling for deadlines)

Objectify your Valentine
Reveal long-hidden romantic passion for your Valentine
Miss the Feb. 15 deadline to submit your Valentine’s Day greeting!

Is it too gauche to explicitly mention our own published works in this? With what I have, something I’m about to rerelease would feature heavily. So this may be too much self promotion when the object is ostensibly to promote someone else.

Also, is there any restriction on name dropping other people besides the “object?” (It’ll be of the ‘X is cool, and they helped, but someone else may write about them anyway. Y did lots of cool things for me & you probably don’t know them.’) variety.

I fear I won’t have time to make a Valentine (gonna have to work on my Parsercomp entry) but if anyone needs inspiration I have a title: “Duke Newcomb Forever.”

I salute you.

Actually, if you’re using that title, don’t submit a game by the deadline.

But be sure to promise one!

That is spectacular.

Fine by me!

Also fine by me! We set no restrictions on quantity of Valentines, only quality. [emote]:)[/emote]

A reminder: These are due today! By “today” in practice I mean “by the time I go to sleep tonight, I will collate and post these tomorrow and they should be in my inbox before then,” but earlier is better. Thanks to everyone who has submitted theirs so far!