My 2nd album is out

My 2nd LP has just come out on Clan Analogue Recordings. If you are interested in IDM/baroque/novel electronic music, or Autechre or Aphex Twin or that ilk (whatever ilk that is), or even if you like what I did musically for Andromeda Apocalypse, Kerkerkruip or Six, then I invite you to check it out.

It’s already available on iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp (24 bit!), and Spotify and others are pending.

An mp3 of track 1 is free from Soundcloud during this first week of release: … d-daughter

And if you’re in Sydney (I don’t think you are!) I’m playing here on Sept 13.

Thanks for reading/listening.

  • Wade


Hey Wade.

I loved the 80s feeling of the samples you are using (or synths, I’m no expert).
Will listen more later. Gratz, anyway!