Multitudes Beta!

Here for your edifitainment is the first release of Multitudes, an extension that “Provides a kind of backdrop representing a collection of objects, such as gravel or a crowd of people, that may spread across many rooms.”

Please have a look at it, see if you can break it, let me know if you have suggestions or if you might find it useful sometime, etc.

There is one example right now. I’m thinking of adding a more advanced one with heaps of pastries and swarming cockroaches.

Thanks in advance!

Okay, maybe not so exciting for anyone else. But I did discover a cool trick today:

[code]Specimen absence relates a multitude (called the set) to a thing (called the element) when the element is the specimen of the set and the element is not visible.

Understand “[something related by specimen absence]” as a multitude.[/code]

conditional relations + understanding by relations = super parsing power!

Some bugfixes have been posted in version 1-110214.